Someone is going to leave me for good. So, since i don't have opportunity to say it face to face, hence i dedicate this entry for you cause i know you'll find this entry later. Hahahahha

Dear H, 
Actually i've posted a gift for you. Something that hopefully can make you smile when you're down, something that can give you some courage when you feel lost, something that i deeply hope that can give a sign of remembering me at certain moment. I put my all while preparing that "thing". And i hope you will keep that gift safely with you. Hee

Dear H,
Don't forget to pray, don't skip your meal, take a plenty of water, and do take your own medicine when you don;t feel well. You need to take care of yourself by your own so that you can take care of your own family in the future. Ahaks!

Dear H, 
If you're stress with your task, feeling almost want to give up, do quickly find your God. Spill out all your sorrow to Him, ask Him for guidance and help, Insya Allah, you will feel much better. Trust me! Haaa. One more thing, try to Tahajud at least twice a week, and also Dhuha if you have free time during the moring. May Allah ease all your business. Aminnn...

Dear H,
This is your dream. We had struggled enough to ensure you are able to achieve your dream. So, do appreciate what we have done before and keep fighting to make your dream become reality. Hee. I'm so proud of you. Because you never give up, and you never lost your faith on Him. Be a strong man that put your all effort fighting for your right and be a nice man by doing well in every single thing that you're working out for right now. Heee

Dear H,
Have a safe journey and enjoy your new life. Jangan lupakan kite taww nanti. Jangan risau, kite dah tempah sticker No Parking tu version gam gajah punya. For sure takkan tertanggal sampai bila-bila. Hhahahahaha. No need to worry much for me. Kite dah besar, kite pandai jaga diri sendiri. Hehhehe.

Dear H,
Last but not least, all the best bro! What ever decision that you've done, i'll always support you from aside. Hee. Taw taw? Okeyyyy. That's all for today. Hhahaha. Nak lebih-lebih please contact me after you read this entry of after everything dah setel okey?


  1. Ked, boleh la buatkan logo utk akak la cegini eheh

    1. Huhu kak. Boleh je. Nak logo cemane kak?


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