6:30:00 PM


i wish i could have a pair of wings
so i could fly when the blood start to get high

i wish i could have a pair of wings
so i can be higher than the mountains
fly over the sea
and run from the South Pole to North Pole

but having a pair of wings will cure nothing
scars remain as scars
as my heart become more painful than usual

now, i don't want to wish to have a pair of wings anymore
i need to have courage much better than those wings

i'm planting a courage rite now.
let it grow bigger and bigger
and will have a cup of tea
under my shady courage
that's all my plan for this moment

p/s: we only live once. let's enjoy it to the fullest. He knows the best for you. i believe on Him. and you? :)

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  1. suker nye dgn poem ni,eh boleh dikatakan poem jgk ke ni?haha...btw,hope ur relation with you-know-who akan berkembang mekar until ke jinjang pelamin n jannah ye,in shaa Allah,aminn..

    1. Hee. Poem tu saye buat sendiri taww. Huhu. Hee tang tu saye no komen ye kak. Nak komen lelebih kite wassap ea. Hihihi


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