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one fine day, a turtle named tottie was walking alone along the beach. she looked so sad. she want to find her happiness. but, where is the happiness? is it at the beach? or in the water? tottie do not has any idea to figure it out. so, she keep walked until she found something. 

what was tottie found? is that the happiness that she wanted to find? how tottie recognize the thing that she found was that happiness? 

the answer is only this one. look at tottie behavior and her facial expression. you see, tottie look so happy. the happiness can be seen by saw the face of someone that tottie missed so much before this. it seem that tottie get a new spirit in her life. same goes to tottie owner. the tottie owner missed that person so much. luckily now she had tottie to accompany her. but still cannot beat him. is it right tottie? :)

p/s : when you are still awake during a night when all the people surround you are enjoying their sleep while you are struggling force your eyes to open widely just to accomplish your summary of 3 case studies, the potential for you to 'merepek' in the blog is very high. this is fact and please promise to me. please do not do this at home. 

[ked's sketching]

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  1. hahaha,merepek meraban da budak ni...bese la tu,akak pun mcm 2 gak ble duk sorang2,ntah pape la akak merepek kat msg then send kat asben...nasib baik dia suka melayan,hehehe...

    1. kikiki..
      dah lame tak pakai word meraban tu kak nasha.. hehe
      bile jage tengah malam sesorang ni, mule lah diri tu nak masuk memory lane..
      untung lah kak dah ade asben..
      kite ni tulis kat blog jelaa..

  2. haha, mari kita tubuhkan kelab merepek meraban hehe...jgn gila sorg2...ajak geng baru nampak macho skit hehe.

    1. wah..
      banyak permintaan nampaknye kelab meraban ni..
      jum2 kak faye..
      ajak ramai2 sket join eh?


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